We want to see more women, like you, reaching their potential, actively pursuing their passions, and supporting each other along the way.


BOSS LADY exists to create a supportive community where entrepreneurial women can swap stories, learn from each other's expertise & experience, activate new ideas, and get inspired to go after business and personal goals. 

BOSS LADY will help to expand your network, open you up to possibilities, and you'll get to meet some kickass women along the way!


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Attend events in Shanghai to get you inspired, to learn, and meet new people


Read articles and stories relevant to helping you get to where you want to be


See what other boss ladies in Shanghai are up to and get to know your community

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”The BOSS LADY network is creating an incredible movement in Shanghai. It is gathering females with aspirations of their own successful business, creating a platform for them to learn, to encourage and support each other and to harness the power of the group. It was instrumental to me when I set up my own business - I would never have got it off the ground if it wasn't for the connections and advice that came out of this network, filled with extraordinary, capable, kind and courageous women. I can feel the energy in the streets of Shanghai - it's boiling due to all the entrepreneurship going on right now, and BOSS LADY is in the epicentre of it all!" 

— Charlotta, Owner & Founder, Charlotta Gandolfo Resort Wear

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