Ignite your potential

At BOSS LADY we believe in supporting women to reach their potential. We believe that by bringing entrepreneurial women together we will build a community of support and opportunity, to further equip women with the tools and inspiration needed to pursue their goals. 

Let's face it, being an entrepreneur can be lonely. And sometimes being a female entrepreneur can present unique challenges. Everyone can use a little assistance to get to where they want to be. So why go it alone?


BOSS LADY will open you up to a community of female entrepreneurs in Shanghai who you can make real connections with. Whether it's face to face at one of our events or online through our WeChat community. Either way, you'll be able to ask questions, seek advice, tap into each others' networks and make new friends. We host regular events with inspiring guest speakers. These are people who are either experts in their field, have a story to tell, or have been in the entrepreneurial game for some time and are happy to share their wisdom.  


And because we want you to have access to as much useful information as possible, we have our online blog where you'll be armed with practical and inspirational material to help you on your way. 


BOSS LADY is about being the boss of yourself and having the tools, wisdom and support you need to be able to carve your own path.


Hi, I'm Rachel 

Human behaviour and helping people to reach their potential is something that has always interested me, which is why I studied Psychology. Then from years of working in corporate environments, I also developed a passion for supporting women in business. However, these interests weren't being fully met in my career and I couldn't help but feel uninspired. I knew I needed a change.


When the opportunity to move to Shanghai came up I was ready to dive into something new, and to leave my corporate job behind. Immediately I was struck by the entrepreneurial energy of the city. And it wasn't long before I found myself working for an amazing start-up in the Health & Wellness industry. As a result, I was attending various markets around the city and collaborating with all sorts of entrepreneurs at numerous events. I met so many creative and innovative women at different stages of their entrepreneurial path. I couldn't help but feel inspired by their passion and courage to chase their dreams, and I wanted to help them get there.


BOSS LADY was created to give these kindred spirits a community and to provide inspiration. BOSS LADY is also about offering 1-on-1 coaching for people who are serious about pursuing their goals and reaching their potential. 

BOSS LADY is for anyone with a desire to meet new and interesting people and the motivation to move themselves forward either professionally or personally. I look forward to meeting you, getting to know you and helping you on your journey!