Being open, sharing insights and lessons learned is what the BOSS LADY community is all about! That's why each month BOSS LADY shines a spotlight on one of our WeChat community members to be interviewed. This is a great way to see what the entrepreneurial spirits in your community are up to and to get to know each other and our personal stories.


Intuitive, Integrative Health Coach

Lina Bartuseviciute

Founder & Managing Director


Kimberly Ashton

Co-Founder of Sprout Lifestyle & Yin Lifestyle

Julie Pang

Co-Founder of Okra

Sarah Armstrong

Founder of Pinyin Press

Kimberly Wong

Founder of Cukimber

Regina Galang

Co-Founder of Lice No More!

Fatemeh Mallahzadeh

Founder of FORME activewear

Anne Clotilde Obeniche

Founder of Merci Gaea

Alena Olasyuk

Artist | Founder & Marketing Manager of &

Emily Beavers

Owner of Jitterbugs

Siobhan Brown

Corporate Sponsorship/Event Planning 

Shanghai Mamas

Kate Chang

Founder of Mami&me

Chloe Chen

Founder of CHLOECHEN

Ting Ting

Founder of Roxie & RIINK

Ting Ting

Founder of Roxy & RIINK

Monica Zurita

Founder of Zurita

Edda Joyce Garcia

Founder of ESTILO

Sonia Wong

Founder of Little Ones

Farah Lopez Del Aguila

& Carina Schaefer

Co-Founders of NUDE By Korea

Jessica QY Song

Director | Shanghai Totrend Investment Group

Liang Wang

Owner, Pantry's Best

Jade Qin

Studio Owner / Yoga Instructor

FreeSoul Yoga

Mette Leger

Founder of Grow HR

Elva Li

Founder of VIS by VERSUS

Adja Ljung

Founder of Lalu

Erin Leigh

Co-Founder and CEO of Spare Leash

Ginny Domlija

Founder of G Pilates

Celeste Durve & Kelsi Kitchener

Co-founders of VIPER by KCH 

Natalie Cradick

& Mae Lim-Rudillas

Co-Founders of Craft'd

Rumbiey Muchenje

Integrative Health and Sleep Coach | Founder Purposely Healthy